Biodiversity in Action.

Developing biodiversity conservation programmes and partnerships in some of the world's highest priority areas since 1990.

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17 Key Biodiversity Areas sustained and supported

22 Local Government Units integrating biodiversity

106,000 hectares of wetlands declared as Ramsar Site with 200,000+ more in the pipeline

129 students supported in the conduct of biodiversity research

New Species of Mistletoe Named After Pinay Conservationist

A newly discovered mistletoe Amyema lisae, was named after Lisa Paguntalan, Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (PBCFI) Executive Director...

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Biodiversity in Action

PhilBio works to conserve the country's critically endangered species in globally threatened habitats. With your help and the much-needed support of various partners, we are working to ensure the survival of Philippines' biodiversity while keeping key biodiversity areas and wetlands thriving and productive.

Recent highlights include sightings of the Critically Endangered Rufous-headed hornbill (Rhabdotorrhinus waldeni) in two localities in Negros Island and the regular conduct of synchronized hornbill counts in the three Protected Areas in Negros.

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Let us be the voice of the voiceless

The homes of these animals are in danger. Through your donations, we can take the necessary steps in rebuilding and conserving the habitats of these animals.


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